Mobile time tracking app for construction sites: fast, easy & efficient

  • Minimize errors & get fast results
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • On- and offline
  • Simple & intuitive
  • Configurable to your individual company needs
  • Additional features like payroll processing or photo documentation
Time Tracking

Time tracking on construction sites was never easier

Put an end to time sheets on paper. Our market-leading mobile time tracking app allows your on-site team to easily record working times. Both individually and for an entire crew. The system automatically assigns the times to the corresponding construction sites, components and work areas. Recorded times, locations and activities are then digitally transferred to your office for real-time billing and daily construction reports. At the same time, the processed data can be shared with all project participants.

What's in it for you?

Your advantages on the job

It was a contractor who developed 123onsite. That's exactly why we fully understand the needs and requirements of the construction industry. Our goal has always been and still is to make your work easier, so you can focus on the really important tasks.

Record working time & save money on the go

Inefficient time tracking can end up costing your employees a lot of time and you a lot of money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With 123onsite you can keep track of everything: whether in your office or on the road with a tablet or smartphone – you always know who is logged in on which construction site and what activities the employees are currently performing. You get daily, weekly and monthly reports documenting various processes. At the same time, our mobile time-tracking functionality expedites your post-calculation, invoicing and payroll operations.

Minimize errors thanks to reliable results

Incorrect time sheets on the construction site are a thing of the past thanks to mobile time tracking. You receive up-to-date and reliable information from your employees digitally, which can be used immediately for your payroll and construction reporting.

Record more hours for daily wages

Keep track of daily wages and additional work. As with project time sheets, you can record hours for per diem on virtual, online digital time sheets.

Document subcontractor performance

You can also record the work of your subcontractors. Similar to mobile time recording, you can subdivide your operations into additional levels, such as component and construction area. This gives you valuable reference points concerning your actual expenses in fixed-price contracts – which may prove to be useful insights for subsequent tendering negotiations.

Nothing but expenses?

Easily record expenses, travel costs, overnight and hotel stays via the app and transfer the data directly to payroll.
Time Tracking

And there is more ...


Constant overview of all recorded data

Through personal access, you get administrative insights into your time recordings. Anytime, anywhere.


Optional GPS data

If your mobile device supports GPS, all mobile data is stored with GPS information and time-stamps – so you can see when, where and by whom the data was collected. Of course, the GPS can also be deactivated if needed.


Stationary data acquisition via RFID

Do you also want to record the times of employees who work in the office or in production areas? In addition to web-based recording, 123onsite also offers time tracking via stationary tablets and RFID chips (cards or key fobs).

Get started today!

Whether you're management, an employee or a subcontractor, everyone linked to a project benefits from 123onsite.

Get mobile time tracking now without any obligation and try all functions for free. Throughout the trial period, our team will be at your side with advice and support.

After the 14-day trail period you can simply continue using 123onsite without losing any data.

Frequently asked questions

And their answers

What features are included in 123onsite?

The primary function of the 123onsite app is time recording for construction sites. In addition, you can activate and use all other features within our service packages. These include, for example, the daily reports and the construction site documentation. Would you like to learn more? Then just take a look at the overview of our 123onsite features.

What are the technical requirements to use the 123onsite app?

123onsite is available in the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS and can be used with any smartphone. To use the collected data in your office via 123Office, you need a PC with internet access and an internet browser.

What happens if my employees don't have internet on a job site?

Is your construction site located in an internet dead zone? No problem – because your employees can also use our time-recording service in offline mode. The data is stored and automatically transmitted to the server the next time you connect to the internet.

Can I customize the app's time function to reflect my company's internal regulations?

Yes, you can easily calculate internal bonuses for overtime, Sunday work, public holidays, night shifts, seasonal bonuses and allowances for meals, commuting, etc. There is also an option to register lost work due to weather conditions, and other expenses and absences.
Time Tracking

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You can try out 123onsite and all its features for free without any obligation. Throughout the trial period, our team will be at your side with advice and support.

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