Resource and task management – save time and money!

Effortlessly record tasks with their completion time in our defect and task management app, 123quality. You can easily assign them to the individuals responsible or entire teams, thus guaranteeing a smooth workflow. Useful information, images or notes can be attached directly to the ticket and viewed as needed.

123quality: Task Management

Task management for contractors, subcontractors, architects & engineers

Put an end to information loss and unfinished tasks! Easily keep track of all deadlines and dates with our defect management app. You can thus ensure that nothing gets lost or forgotten. Your colleagues and employees can start completing tasks immediately and save precious time.

  • Define clear responsibilities for all stakeholders
  • Arrange the completion of tasks with external parties, such as subcontractors or day laborers.
  • Quickly and easily add useful information, images or notes to the ticket – in XLS, JPG, PDF or IFC format.
  • Access all current data anytime from any location of your choice – of course, the app is also usable offline
  • Display the status of all open tasks in the general overview.

Task management for the construction industry

What benefits does
resource and task management give you on the construction site?

Seamless and legally compliant communication and documentation – does this sound like a dream? Do you lack an overview of the assigned tasks and a plan detailing the workload of your employees and colleagues? Then it's high time you made a change! Our task management app allows you to utilize a multitude of useful features:

Your communications are centralized in one place

Different devices, different operating systems, different application locations – but only one central storage location! Collect and store your data from wherever you want, it is collected and stored centrally. Access is possible from anywhere and in real time with all current data – even without an internet connection!

Customize your file attachments as required

Create your tickets and tasks quickly and easily via the app. Add your own notes, additional information or more pictures to illustrate them as you fit. Share your posts with colleagues and external project stakeholders. This way, everyone is on the same level and all information can be accessed as required.

Seamless documentation

Instantly see which tickets have been created, who they are assigned to and their latest processing status via the searchable activity log. Reliable transparency supports your processes and prevents disputes! It’s easy to see what work has been done in a timely manner.

Well-networked access – also for external users

Our task management app is not only usable from any device and from any location, your external service providers such as subcontractors or day laborers can also easily download the app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and obtain immediate access to your construction site.
123quality: Task Management

Achieve a defect-free construction site thanks to defect management

123quality is the perfect mobile solution to manage your defects and tasks on the construction site easily and efficiently. The app ensures quick documentation and clearly compiles all upcoming activities. With 123quality, you’ll never lose important information again and everyone involved will know what to do. This additionally serves as useful proof of the completed work. That’s not enough for you? You can also record and document all working times.

123quality: Task Management
123quality: Task Management

Get started with your digital resource and task
management today!

Do you want to improve the way you handle open tasks such as defect elimination on your construction site? Thanks to our free trial, you can start using 123quality with your employees right away. This means you can start intuitively learning all the features. and get help from our video tutorials if needed. And the best part? You can test the app all by yourself and at any time of the day – with total independence! Go live right away, set the number of future users and you can immediately create tasks and assign them accordingly. Super easy, incredibly fast.

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