Simple & efficient job planning/scheduling for the construction industry

The efficient use of resources and crew planning are an extremely complex issue in the construction industry. 123onsite makes this topic easier for you: Our market-leading app for construction site scheduling is a powerful tool that makes your everyday job planning easier.


Accurate planning is half the battle!

Planning operations on a construction site poses many challenges. Most construction sites have many trades that need to complete different tasks in multiple shifts. The dispatcher must also take vacations, advanced training and special regulations on working hours into account when planning the required crews. It's easy to lose track of everything – unless you use the right software: 123onsite allows you at all times to access employee and equipment schedules at a glance.

  • Immediately check whether your active job sites are well staffed
  • Incredibly simple – drag and drop your employees to the respective job site
  • Transparent overview of planned absences such as vacations or training
  • Employees can check their phone to know where and when they need to be

Job planning via mobile app

Scheduling goes digital!

Nothing is as old-fashioned as traditional work schedules. Shift scheduling in the construction industry is a constant source of friction. Since a contractor founded 123onsite, we know just how complex it can be. Our solutions are specifically tailored to your requirements and needs.

Create shift schedules in the blink of an eye

With 123onsite, you can easily “drag and drop” to assign shifts, highlight work stoppages and move or copy tasks for your construction workers and employees. Stay up to date on absences due to training, vacation, sickness or other reasons.

Flexible compensation rules and easy data transfer to your payroll department

In 123onsite, you can use the “Construction payroll” package to store individual compensation rules for overtime payments, holiday bonuses or shift premiums. Adjust scheduled start and finish times to the actual hours worked to get a clear overview of time and costs. You can seamlessly send all of this information to your payroll processing team.

Scheduling equipment is easy

Nothing pains a contractor more than seeing expensive equipment sitting around unused. Or discovering that an important piece of equipment is missing from a job site. You can avoid both scenarios. With 123onsite, scheduling your equipment is easy.

Some extra benefits


Perfectly plan every shift

Get a clear overview on the planning for each construction site and immediately track which employees are scheduled, showing their respective qualifications. You'll immediately know if a job site is over- or understaffed and respond accordingly.


Check deployment plans at all times

Whether at home or on the job site, on a desktop PC or mobile device: your construction workers and employees have 24/7 access to their shift schedule – and can see when and where they are scheduled. This guarantees maximum transparency for your colleagues.


Suitable for firms of any size

Whether you have 3 or 3000 employees on any number of sites, 123onsite provides you with all the features needed to easily create and share your shift schedule.

Scheduling has never been easier!

Poor job site scheduling can lead to increased operating costs, work time overruns, high turnover and an increase in employee complaints. Dispatchers or site managers often spend countless hours on crew planning. Overstaffing leads to unnecessary labor costs, while understaffing results in time loss and potential planning fines. With 123onsite, you can simplify the tedious tasks associated with tracking and controlling your employees' working time.


Start saving time and money: try it now

You can try out 123onsite without any obligation and test all available features. Sign up for the free trial and download the 123onsite app for Android or iOS directly from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Throughout the trial period, our team will be at your side with advice and support.

Quickly find the answers you need

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