Seamless reporting at the push of a button!

Stay on top of things with your customized reporting tool – and discover the benefits of digital document management. Save yourself timeconsuming post-processing of documents, orders and invoices and assign them directly to the correct process at the push of a button.

123quality: Reporting

Reporting made easy!

Put an end to gaps in your filing system. Now, with our defect management app, you can easily ensure exemplary accounting and benefit from correct documentation – from any location of your choice, at any time, and from any device. Use the intelligent search filter to quickly and efficiently find all the desired information.

  • Create defect and obstruction notices, acceptance reports, addenda, evaluations, and more!
  • Copy and standardize your forms as you need them, or configure your own templates
  • All previously entered content is directly transferred to your documentation! Save, file, sign* – done!
  • Access current data from anywhere in the world – can also be used offline and on any smartphone
* Please note the legal validity of a digital signature.

Reports on the construction site

How can I manage an effective reporting system quickly and easily?

You've probably worked on many different construction sites, but some problems are ubiquitous: communication via SMS or Whatsapp which is not ideal for sensitive data, information that gets lost or doesn't get to the right people, and all kinds of incomplete documentation. Our task management app lets you perform multiple functions:

Time savings at the touch of a button

Save yourself time-consuming post-processing of documents, orders and invoices and assign them directly to the correct process at the push of a button. With our intelligent search filter you can quickly and efficiently find all the desired information.

All your important logs and protocols are just one click away

Create defect and obstruction notices, acceptance reports, addenda, warranty acceptance reports, as well as occupational health and safety evaluations and much more. Thanks to the form function, you can easily copy and standardize reports and configure and customize new templates. And always in the format you need.

Regulatory overview

Display all tickets and forms for a construction site as an overview and output them directly to a PDF for an orderly site handover. Automatically create a document with a cover sheet for your list of defects, including preprinted forms and reprints.

From any device of your choosing

You can use our defect management app from any device, and thus from any location. Whether on iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones, or as an online app for your desktop PC. You, your employees and external parties such as subcontractors or day laborers can easily download the app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and get started immediately.
123quality: Reporting

Comprehensive reporting on the construction site thanks to defect management

123quality is the perfect mobile solution to optimize documentation on your construction site. The app provides a quick backup of all processes and an overview of all upcoming activities. In the office, you have direct access to all tickets created on the job site and their status. With 123quality, you'll never lose important information again and everyone involved will know what to do.

123quality: Reporting
123quality: Reporting

Start today with digital construction site documentation via app!

Do you want to optimize your on-site reporting? Thanks to our free trial version, you can immediately test the documentation features and all other functions of 123quality with your employees for 14 days without any obligation. The app is extremely easy and intuitive to use. After that, you can go directly into live operation. Just choose how many of your employees will use the app, and then you can digitize all your construction-related communication and documentation.

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