Construction payroll has never been easier

Without the right tools, keeping track of labor costs in construction is not easy. With our market-leading app for construction payroll, your colleagues on the construction site can easily keep track of working hours, both for individual employees and entire crews. Our system transfers all data directly and automatically to your payroll system.


Pay stubs are a thing of the past

Payroll for contractors in the construction industry is one of the most
complex aspects of the business. We make this easy for you: with our
app, your payroll data automatically transfers directly from the construction site to payroll processing. This simplifies and speeds up your post-calculation, invoicing and payroll. And you'll never have to hold a pay stub in your hand again.

  • Error minimization and absolute transparency
  • Unbelievably simple – we make recording data for your payroll child’s play
  • Get data you can trust

Stay informed every single day

Recording payroll data provides you with a comprehensive overview of your costs (also per construction site) on a daily basis.


Unburden your payroll department

They will no longer need to collect and enter handwritten timesheet data into construction payroll software. Say goodbye to extra reviews and incorrect data.


Interfaces to many systems

Surely it can't be that simple? Yes, it is! 123onsite adapts to your IT environment. Automate your office processes with our open interface.

123onsite makes payroll accounting fun – yes, really!

Daily allowances, expenses, flat rates, travel allowances, specific work models per employee, vacations, sick leave, special payments ... all this and much more must be imported into the payroll software. 123onsite allows you to say goodbye to handwritten pay stubs and other manual records. Instead, you'll only have relevant data in your digital payroll software.
Time recording can actually be really quick and easy. At least, when completed pay stubs are transferred digitally to your payroll system.


Start saving time and money: try it for free

You can try out 123onsite and all its features for free without any obligation. Throughout the trial period, our team will be at your side with advice and support.

Quickly find the answers you need

Our FAQs contain answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions regarding our apps. If you would like to know more about 123onsite solutions, we would be happy to advise you in person. Just fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.