Digital construction site paperwork – made easy via app

As you well know, every construction company distributes a wide variety of forms to its employees to fill out on site: mandatory acceptance protocols, checklists or malfunction reports. To make matters worse, these documents are often unusable or don't even make their way back to you at all. Which is why we give you the option to easily create your own forms and have your employees fill them out digitally.


Create your own customized forms

With 123onsite, you can easily create customized forms from our existing templates – in minutes and without coding experience. By specifying mandatory fields, selecting and validating master data, the forms you create are already incredibly clear and manageable from the beginning. You can use the form generator for:

  • Checklists for scaffold acceptance and equipment handover
  • Protocols
  • Site inspections or meetings
  • Report additional work or daily wage reports
  • Defect reports for equipment
  • Protocols for recurring tests and safety inspections
  • Accidents, injuries and first aid provided in the digital first-aid book
  • … anything you want – because you can customize your forms exactly as you need them!

Digitally document everything on the construction site

Your advantages as a construction professional

No one likes filling out forms, but in construction, we simply need them. Since 123onsite was developed by a building contractor, we know how to simplify the lives of everyone on the construction site.

Endless possibilities for your forms

When you create your forms and checklists, you can configure the order and type of data entry fields and checkboxes. For example, selection fields with fixed selection texts such as “length”/”height”/”width”, fields for photos and master data such as construction site, person, device, as well as fields for number and text entry, date, QR codes and barcodes, and even a digital signature. You can also link the visibility of certain fields to other fields: For example, if the “Device damaged” box is checked, the “Photo of damage” field appears, which must be filled in. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Tailored to your needs (and those of your staff)

The simple creation of these forms enables you to then retrieve the exact data for your requirements at any time. No more, no less. At the same time, our digital forms give your employees the possibility to quickly and easily create the required reports by collecting the relevant data via checklist forms. This saves them a lot of time – and in turn saves you money.

Easy-to-complete forms

You can reduce the complexity of your forms by displaying only the fields that are relevant for the respective employees – you can configure the sequence, data entry fields and checkboxes as you wish, and can also adjust them at any time. Thanks to our well-structured forms, confusing paperwork is no longer an issue.

And there is more ...


Increased transparency

All data entered in the form is transferred online to the back office and is immediately, completely and permanently available in the app. Long searches for protocols and checklists are a thing of the past.


Create mandatory fields

To make sure no important data is missing, you can create mandatory fields. Only if these are filled out, your colleague on the job site will be able to submit the form. No wasting time afterwards with missing information.


Absolutely flexible

Our customers use forms for a wide variety of purposes – but above all, they very much enjoy using them because of their flexibility. We also use these forms ourselves for our in-house processes.

Paperwork can be fun – we promise!

Whether you need checklists of all kinds for your construction site, handover protocols of machines from one employee to the next, ... Or maybe defect reports related to equipment or work performed, protocols for portable electrical equipment testing, safety protocols or accident reports ... your forms have never been this simple, flexible, digital or smart.


Start saving time and money: try it now

You can try out 123onsite without any obligation and test all available features. Sign up for the free trial and download the 123onsite app for Android or iOS directly from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Throughout the trial period, our team will be at your side with advice and support.

Quickly find the answers you need

Our FAQs contain answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions regarding our apps. If you would like to know more about 123onsite solutions, we would be happy to advise you in person. Just fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.