All-in-one mobile construction site management solution!

In addition to hours worked, you can also record all other relevant data of the construction site, such as contract work, weather data, subcontractors, materials and equipment utilization. With our app, you turn your smartphone into the most important tool on your construction site!


Time tracking

The data collected on your smartphone is transferred to the software in your back office instantly. This ensures that the working time and performance of all employees, as well as the material and equipment used, are visible and available for control purposes. This gives you the ability to see the status of the total working hours for each project and construction site at any time, and you can plan new projects based on the previously collected data.

  • Hours worked by employees are directly linked to the project
  • No manual, missing or incorrect time sheets
  • Easy export of data to your payroll software

Photo documentation

Keep an eye on your construction sites at all times with our documentation feature. This allows your employees on the construction site to use their smartphones to record the current status of the project, take photos of the site safety measures, and record all steps in the construction process right up to project completion. You can hare all information like photos, weather data, comments and a daily reports of the executed services immediately with your clients, to keep them up to date and minimize the risks for potential discrepancies.

  • Fast invoice payments thanks to the seamless information flow
  • Quickly reject unfounded complaints regarding defects
  • Log any accidents and injuries instantly

Daily reports

123onsite automatically generates daily reports from all the collected data. This includes hours worked, machines and materials used, weather data, pictures, and much more. Of course, it also includes information on the progress of the construction project, documentation of defects and damages, as well as remarks and comments.

  • No manual work needed – your reports are generated automatically
  • You can export the reports as a PDF and share them via email
  • Easily meet your documentation obligations


Planning operations on the construction site poses numerous challenges. Most construction sites have many trades that need to complete different tasks in multiple shifts. You need to take vacations, advanced training or special working time regulations into account when scheduling the various crews. Efficient use of resources and crew planning are extremely complex issues in the construction industry. With 123onsite, we make your daily job-scheduling easier and faster.

  • Easy and quick demand and resource planning
  • Designate staffing for each job site via drag and drop
  • See all planned absences are clear and transparent


Every construction company distributes a wide variety of forms to its employees, which they must fill out on the construction sites – from checklists for the use of equipment to handover protocols. To make the process of collecting information easier, more flexible and clearer, 123onsite allows you to digitally capture the data you need using your own custom forms.

  • Configure forms individually in the 123onsite office portal
  • Forms can be completed and signed directly on the smartphone
  • The data is immediately available to every employee in the office

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