The most frequently asked questions from our customers

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General information regarding our solutions

What are the technical requirements?

The apps from 123onsite are available for the Android and iOS operating systems in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. To use the collected data in your office, all you need is a PC with internet access and an internet browser. You don’t need any separate storage space on your PC – no software is installed and no data is stored on your PC.

Can I customize the app's time recording with my company's operating rules?

Yes, you can. You can adjust the time function to reflect your company’s agreed working conditions. The following can all be taken into account: your internally agreed supplements for overtime, Sundays, holidays and night shift; meal and travel allowances, seasonal short-time allowances, weather-related absenteeism, as well as other expenses and absences. The system automatically supplements the booked attendance times with the information stored in the set of rules for your company.

Can I export master data to 123onsite?

If you wish, the standard activity book can be preset for you when preparing the activity master record for your 123 installation. An import interface exists for master data. Please contact us and tell us which data you want to import from which software.

For which industries are the apps suitable?

Anyone who has anything to do with construction (and beyond) can use our apps – our customers currently include contractors, carpenters and joiners, gas, water, electricity installers, architects/planners and roofers. This list includes companies of all sizes! 123onsite is currently optimized for the construction industry and craftsmen – and we are interested in adapting the system for other industries as well – so if you like 123onsite, but your industry is not yet optimally represented in our system, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Do you offer training?

123erfasst123onsite is very easy to use and we also have excellent web -based and email support. However, especially when introducing a new system, it often makes sense to include your employees in the introductory process – for this purpose, we are happy to come to your company and train your employees in the use of We will be happy to quote the cost of training at your company upon request.

Do you provide interfaces to my system?

We probably already do! Contact us to find out if we already support your system.

Mobile features

What should I do if I lose my cell phone?

While that would be a shame for you, it is not a problem where is concerned. For data protection purposes, you can simply block access to your lost phone. The data collected via your cell phone is stored safely and securely on the 123 servers – this data therefore cannot be lost. You would just need to get a new phone – download the 123 app – re-enter your user name and password – done! After a few seconds, all data is synced again and you can simply continue from where you left off.

What happens if my employees don't have internet on a job site?

No problem – 123onsite can also be used by your employees in offline mode. The data is stored and transmitted to the server the next time you connect to the internet, and thus securely to the software in your office.

Do I have to provide each employee with a cell phone?

No. The system is designed in such a way that only the foreman / supervisor / site manager needs a mobile device to time-stamp all those present on the site and even record their activities.

However, 123onsite is so flexible that you can give any employee access to the app if you wish. Doing so typically gives you even more usable data. The smartphones used don’t have to be new or even brand-name devices either. We will be happy to advise you in this regard. If your employees so desire, they can of course also use 123onsite on their private cell phones.

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