Create photo documentation on construction sites through an easy app

With our market-leading app for photo documentation on construction sites, your employees can use a smartphone to take pictures of the actual conditions, document daily site security, and record all steps of the entire construction process.


It's intuitive & fast

123onsite allows you to document all the work on a construction site with photos and corresponding GPS coordinates – all within one app. The images can be directly assigned to the construction site, project, construction stages and areas. Depending on their clearance level, anyone related to the project gets immediate access to whatever information they need, whenever they need it. Whether it's photo documentation, construction progress overviews or anything else.

  • Incredibly simple – taking photos is child’s play
  • Usable offline & with the employee’s own smartphone
  • Data you can trust
  • Transparency for everyone – from on-site employees to the CEO

Your construction site – digitized and documented!

How 123onsite will make your life easier

We have developed 123onsite to create transparency, and we know it will make your life easier: our app for construction site documentation not only lets you easily collect photos and data, but also automatically supplements your construction reports with additional relevant information.

Augment photos with information

You can not only view the photos back in the office, you can also add comments so everyone involved knows what they’re looking at. All images can still be edited afterwards to better suit your needs.

Record specific services, instructions & notes

The photo documentation app logs the time and GPS coordinates of the recorded data. In addition, you and your co-workers can add special events, comments and instructions, and assign them to the appropriate job site. The notes are available on 123-Office in real time and indefinitely.

Automatically use photo documentation for your daily reports

As a project manager, you can simply place a check mark next to the captured photos in 123-Office and add comments. These images will be automatically integrated into your construction reports. To do this, you must have enabled the 123onsite “Daily reports” add-on.

And there is more ...


Your customers pay faster!

The sooner you can issue your invoices, the sooner the money will be in your bank account. Attach construction reports to your invoices with the corresponding photos as proof of a completed task. Less questions from your customers means faster payment.


Prevent unfounded complaints about defects

You can also prevent complaints by tracking the status of a construction site using photo documentation throughout the project. It serves as evidence of a completed past stage when it's too late for a customer to check it with their own eyes.


Log accidents properly

There's a special feature to log accidents and injuries, as well as the administration of any first-aid services. Save photos of the accident and access them whenever you need them as proof.

Get airtight documentation and avoid discussions

Using construction documentation on the app, you can quickly provide your customers with a detailed overview of performed tasks. Include photos, weather data, comments and a daily reports, to eliminate any risk of disputes. Photographic documentation of your construction sites supports your claims and provides evidence.

So no more discussions about which services you have provided. In the event of damages, you can always put proof of your professional work on the table. You'll constantly have irrefutable facts to show to your customer, an appraiser or inspection body at the push of a button.


Try it now for free, no strings attached

Our photo documentation app for the construction industry is simple, fast and legally compliant. Do you also want to save time and money with your business? Then let's go! You can try out 123onsite without any obligation and test all available features. Throughout the trial period, our team will be at your side with advice and support. In case you're convinced, our convenient Self Sign-Up allows you and your employees to simply continue using the app.

Quickly find the answers you need

Our FAQs contain answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions regarding our apps. If you would like to know more about 123onsite solutions, we would be happy to advise you in person. Just fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.