123quality: Defect management app for the construction industry

Our quality and defect management app, 123quality, lets you document tasks and defects on the construction site easily and legally compliant. Record a defect with just one tap – take a photo, say what needs to be done, instantly locate the tasks on the digital blueprint and assign it to the employee or subcontractor responsible.


Digital defect management for contractors, subcontractors, architects &

No more pen and paper! A defect management app increases efficiency on the construction site and provides greater transparency. Save time and money by documenting defects consistently, assigning tasks directly from the defects list, thereby reducing misunderstandings and errors.

  • Crystal clear documentation and precisely-defined
  • responsibilities for all involved! Suitable for construction firms and subcontractors, architects, planners and craftsmen
  • Obtain an overview of the status of defects at all times – in the office and on the construction site
  • All tickets can be exported as PDF files
  • Can also be used offline and on any
  • smartphone Unbeatable value: from just €9.90/month!

Defect management app for the construction industry

How can I benefit from

123quality was developed from experience, to improve efficiency. We know that defects must be recorded at an early stage – and correctly – to prevent disruptions to the construction process. We incorporate this expertise into our defect management app to give you the best app for your job sites!

Save time & money with 123quality

No more paper-based defect lists, no more ambiguous responsibilities – with 123quality you can manage defects transparently, reduce errors and misunderstandings, and thus save valuable working time while reducing costs systematically.

Manage construction plans & projects via our defect management app

Easily upload your blueprints to the app and directly locate defects and tasks. All project participants have the current status at hand at all times – even without an internet connection. You can manage all construction sites in a clear and structured manner, while maintaining an overview of the status of all projects and their progress at all times. Thanks to the practical filter option, you can also quickly find the data you want at any time.

Secure your evidence

With our digital defect management app, you can see exactly which tickets you have recorded and where the responsibilities lie. This can also help with any disputes that may arise later.

Digitize your defect management process

As an architect, planner or builder, the acceptance of a construction site is just an everyday task. This can be carried out very simply by using a digital construction defect list instead of a paper version. By doing so, you can assign all necessary rework directly to the employees and subcontractors responsible – transparently, easily and in a legally compliant manner.

Choose your preferred end device – whether mobile or stationary, iOS or Android

Our defect management app works completely independently of 123onsite and is available for iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones, and also as an online application for desktop PCs. Of course, you can also access all data offline at any time.

Additional features of 123quality – highlights of our defect management app


Stay up to date, always

Thanks to the automatic updates of your construction site data, you can keep an eye on everything on a daily basis – from anywhere with internet access. The cloud makes it possible.


Your 2D plan can now go digital!

Simply upload your blueprint and you can place markers on it to highlight defects and assign them – this gives for everyone involved in the project an overview on open tasks!


Invite external users for free

With 123quality you can easily invite other users, such as your subcontractors, completely free of charge. This way, you can assign them the corresponding tasks directly and maintain an overview of their progress.

No more botched construction – thanks to defect management

123quality is the perfect mobile solution to digitally manage the defect management on your construction site. The app ensures fast communication between all parties involved and an overview of all processes. In the office, you have direct access to all tickets created and their status. Minimize your information loss with 123quality!


Start today with app-based digital defect management!

Want to use our app for your work? Thanks to our convenient Self Sign-Up,
you and your employees can use 123quality right away. In the test
version, you will get to know all the functions step by step and can then
go directly into productive operation. Just choose how many of your
employees will use the app as ticket creators, and you can then digitize
your defect management.

Frequently asked questions regarding 123quality

For whom is the defect management app designed?

Defect management occurs on every construction site. Therefore, 123quality is suitable for all trades on the construction site and anyone who wants to keep an eye on them from the office. Our customers include construction companies, architects’ offices, planning offices and workshops of all sizes.

Can 123quality be combined with 123onsite?

Are you already using 123onsite for time recording or your daily reports? Then you can easily get 123quality enabled – because the solution is already integrated into 123onsite, and you therefore you do not require two separate apps. The advantage is that you can access all captured data and use it
to work efficiently. For example, if you create a ticket in 123quality, you can directly record the time spent on it in 123onsite, e.g., to quantify the costs of rectifying the defect. However, you can also use 123quality without 123onsite – completely flexible and exactly in accordance with your needs.

How many licenses do I need if several of my employees want to use 123quality?

In our defect management app, we distinguish between “ticket creators” and “ticket processors”. For each entry-level license that you activate with us, one employee can create tickets on the construction site and use them to record defects. Within the license, however, tickets can be assigned to an unlimited number of ticket processors, e.g. additional employees or subcontractors for defect processing. Want more than one person in your organization to be able to create tickets? Then opt for a Professional or Enterprise license, which allow more ticket creators to be enabled.

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