Missed deadlines are a thing of the past!

Keep an eye on all deadlines, dates and construction work – and monitor your compliance with all milestones – with the help of digital deadline management. No more time overruns and ensure on-time task completion.

123quality: Deadline Management

Deadline management for contractors, subcontractors, architects &

Say goodbye to postponed deadlines and unfinished tasks! Our defect management app, 123quality, lets you easily record the start, intermediate status, and completion of your construction projects, and immediately report any delays. The overview allows you to see immediately all tasks which are still open and time critical. View your tasks in the calendar – to ensure that nothing is ever forgotten again.

  • Crystal clear communication and precisely-defined responsibilities for all involved!
  • Open tasks in an overview and reminders when compliance is at risk via push notifications and automated emails
  • Includes clear overview of resources representation for an optimal and fair allocation of tasks
  • Communicate easily with external parties, such as subcontractors or day laborers.
  • Access current data from anywhere in the world – can also be used offline and on any smartphone

Deadline management? No problem on the construction site

How can I guarantee that I will meet my deadlines?

Open deadlines, unfinished tasks, an ever-growing to-do list. No doubt these are problems you've encountered many times on the construction site. The consequences can include delays in completion, chain reactions for subsequent tasks, dissatisfied customers. High time, then, for proper deadline management with 123quality. The app includes the following features:

View all your appointments centrally on one channel

No more tiresome switching between different terminals as well as SMS, phone, Whatsapp, Threema, etc. – instead, manage everything in one app! With 123quality you can create and manage all arrangements and appointments centrally. They are even assigned directly to the correct job site, which allows you to file them securely.

View all deadlines at a glance

Say goodbye to on time overruns and unfinished tasks and ensure on-time task completion. Via push notifications and automated emails, you will receive timely reminders to meet all deadlines – for successful digital deadline management.

Activity log as proof of progress

Transparency supports your processes and prevents disputes. Every ticket has a searchable activity log which allows you to view exactly – and to the minute – when each ticket was created, to whom it was assigned as well as any changes that were made to the ticket. This lets you easily prove that your work was in order and any defects were the fault of other parties.

Runs on any device – iOS or Android

Our defect management app is available on iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones, and as an online app for desktop PCs. You, your employees, subcontractors and day laborers can easily download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and start using it immediately.
123quality: Deadline Management

Error-free communication on the construction site thanks to deadline management

123quality is the perfect mobile solution to optimize your tasks and their completion on your construction site. The app ensures quick documentation of all to-dos and clearly displays all pending activities. Thanks to integrated deadline management, you'll receive push notifications for all open and time-sensitive tasks, reminding you when they're due. With 123quality you can work more effectively.

123quality: Deadline Management
123quality: Deadline Management

Get started with digital deadline management today!

Would you like to improve compliance of the tasks on your construction site? Thanks to our free trial version, you can use the app including all functions with your employees immediately. Once you’ve added all your collaborators, you can start sharing the app right away. Just get started and digitize your construction site in next to no time.

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