Communication on the construction site – simple, fast and always up to date!

The chat function included in 123quality allows quick and easy communication between all colleagues on a construction site – from the whole team to specific crews, as well as individuals. And the best part? You only need your cell phone to access all all relevant information.

123quality: Construction Chat

Chat function for contractors, subcontractors, architects & engineers

Say goodbye to data loss! Easily record the start, progress or completion of your construction projects, and report delays immediately via our defect management app. The activity log ensures that all processes are documented in a traceable and legally compliant manner and stored centrally.

  • Clear and structured communication
  • Instantly assign to-dos to the party in charge
  • Easily communicate with external parties such as subcontractors or day laborers
  • Attach files to the ticket, e.g., in XLS, JPG, PDF or IFC format.
  • All tickets can be exported as PDF files
  • Access current data from anywhere in the world – can also be used offline and on any smartphone

Chat function for the construction industry

How can I benefit from digital communication?

No doubt you have worked on construction sites where the following problems were common: communication via SMS or mobile messengers which is not ideal for sensitive data, or important information got lost or was not sent to the right people, and generally a lot of confusion among everyone involved. Our task management app lets you perform multiple functions:

All communication takes place centrally in one channel

No switching between SMS, phone, WhatsApp, Signal, etc. Instead, there is simply one app for your construction site communication. All chats are directly assigned to the right ticket on the right job site.

Manage files via app

Easily upload files relevant to your job site to the app: you can also attach photos, PDFs, IFC files and more, directly to a ticket. All project participants thus have the current status at their fingertips – even without an internet connection.

Activity log as proof of progress

Transparency supports your processes and prevents disputes. Every ticket has a searchable activity log which allows you to view exactly – and to the minute – when each ticket was created, to whom it was assigned as well as any changes that were made to the ticket. This lets you easily prove that your work was in order and any defects were the fault of other parties.

Runs on any device – iOS or Android

Our defect management app is available on iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones, and as an online app for desktop PCs. You, your employees, subcontractors and day laborers can easily download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and start using it immediately.
123quality: Construction Chat

Ensure error-free communication on the construction site thanks to defect management

123quality is the perfect mobile solution to optimize communication on your construction site. The app ensures quick documentation of all processes and an overview of all upcoming activities. In the office, you have direct access to all tickets created on the job site and their status. With 123quality, you'll never lose important information again and everyone involved will know what to do.

123quality: Construction Chat
123quality: Construction Chat

Get started today with digital construction site communication!

Do you want to improve the communication s on your construction site? Thanks to our convenient Self Sign-Up, you and your employees can use 123quality right away. In the trial version, you will first get to know all the various features and be guided through the app via our video tutorials. After that, you can go directly into live operation. Just choose how many of your employees will use the app as ticket creators and then you can digitize your construction communication.

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