123fleet – the future of fleet management

123fleet is the new solution for IoT fleet management on the construction site from the 123onsite product platform. With 123fleet, you maintain a constant overview of your equipment. All equipment-related performance data is consolidated centrally and displayed clearly in one interface. The equipment data is automatically recorded on the construction site and incorporated in the various reports. Schedule your equipment in a single solution via a live map view thanks to centralized user management. Have your equipment’s usage automatically recorded with billing performed directly on the construction site. We operate independently of any particular manufacturer and our service is therefore compatible with all types of construction equipment.


Your advantages with 123fleet

  • Central collection of telematics data for all devices
  • Direct billing for equipment usage on the construction site
  • Status display with position of all devices in a live map view
  • Time savings through automation
  • Automatic billing thanks to interfaces to common commercial systems
  • Device data is automatically incorporated into reports (construction day reports, etc.)
  • Independent of any specific manufacturer – 123fleet works with any construction equipment from any manufacturer

123fleet is useful for you if...

  • you want to view and manage all your devices in one central portal
  • you have created all the necessary data in 123onsite anyway
  • you already have location-enabled devices from selected manufacturers or a location system from
    selected manufacturers
  • your devices are registered for the manufacturers’ tracking
  • portals you manage your devices in 123onsite

Supported device manufacturers:

  • Liebherr
  • Hitachi
  • Wirtgen

Supported tracking systems:

  • TrackUnit
  • OneStop Pro
  • TrackPilot
  • Ctrack
  • GeoCapture
  • Webfleet

We are continuously working on adding additional devices and systems. If your devices do not appear in the list, please contact us

What can it do?

123fleet – features

Your entire machine fleet in one overview.

By connecting the various manufacturer portals and tracking providers in a single system, all machines and devices are combined in one overview. Locating machines via different systems is no longer necessary – all your devices can be clearly seen at a glance.


Automatic acquisition of performance data.

The machine data and movement profiles are assigned to the construction site where the equipment is located. As a result, performance data and machine hours are automatically recorded and can be easily accounted for. Even older construction site equipment can be retrofitted with a GPS box add-on. Manual recording and transfer of machine data is no longer necessary – this saves you a lot of time and bureaucratic headaches.

Other features of 123fleet


Live map view


Synchronization of master data from 123onsite


Status display


Reports for equipment and construction sites


Automatic tracking on construction sites

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